Screw Elevator For Powdery fine-grained and dusty materials

Screw Conveyors are designed to transport various loose, powdery, fine-grained, and dusty materials. Screw conveyors can effectively transport a wide range of loose products over small distances generally to elevate products to reach the top of a product metering system of a packaging system. Such sealed machines convey small-sized or finegrained materials easily, under the action of a rotation screw mechanism, inside an inclined steel pipe. The conveyor can be used as a separate unit as well as a part of a production or a packaging line. The machine is suitable for use in food, chemical, construction. and agro-industries. For food industries, the build material is SS304 stainless steel. These conveyors can be customized for height, bin/hopper size, or any other specialized parameters. Please contact us for customized inclined screw conveyors of any size and requirement.

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Stainless steel SS304 made structure to be used in the food industry. The conveyor screw can be inside a steel pipe or can be on an open type conduit with acrylic covering for easy cleaning. The geared motor-driven screw can rotate clockwise or anticlockwise direction for feeding and screw cleaning operation. Includes a vibrating element for efficiently flow the sticky powder material from the hopper wall surface. Easy to install, dismantle and maintain. In accordance with CE Standards
✔ With a device can against sealing vacant pouches to make sure that if there is no fill, there will be no seal. ✔ With a device can against sealing vacant pouches to make sure that if there is no fill, there will be no seal. ✔ Patented gripper system ✔ Maximum precision ✔ Flexible pouch type: stand-up pouches with zipper or corner spouts, quad pouches and pouches with customers’ design ✔ Flexible production speed 15-90 pouches/min. ✔ Long work time and lifetime can work 24 hours a day, only one day off for maintenance per month. ✔ Easy to operate and maintain, one person is enough. ✔ Easy conversion with different scales, fillers,pumps. ✔ High profitability can replace at least 7 workers for packaging. ✔ Low energy and maintenance costs, only a few spare parts need to change. ✔ Fast delivery of spare parts, for example, max 3 normal days to reach you

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